Tactical Technologies International Inc. .is happy to accommodate purchases through our Tactical Technologies International Inc. plan. We offer both 30 and 60 days require a 30% non-refundable deposit and a monthly payment. Lay-a-way plans charges: we charge 10% above the advertised prices for Lay-a-way ,


Tactical Technologies International Inc. Lay-a-way plans are not applicable for special sales events closeouts or any promotion associated in the event of the purchase.


Tactical Technologies International Inc. may be cancelled at any time and an in-store credit will be held for the monies paid by the customer to Tactical Technologies International Inc. our inactive reserve account. Tactical Technologies International Inc. will be put the product (item) back on the market. The in-store credit may be used at any time on another purchase from Tactical technologies Inc. (excluding new Lay-a-Way plans)


Monthly notices are mailed to our Tactical Technologies International Inc. customers with balance information and amount due. If you have problems making a payment please notify us, (we are flexible and are happy to work with you). If no payments are received within a 90-day period, your account with

Tactical Technologies International Inc becomes in-active and the Product/Item in Tactical Technologies International Inc. will be put back on the market.


The monies paid on the Tactical Technologies International Inc. will be placed in our in-active reserve account. You may use your reserve amount to purchase one of our other items equal to the amount you have paid us.


Any check that is returned to Tactical Technologies International Inc. .For any reason will be assessed a $45.00 fee.


If final payment is made by personal checks, cashier’s check, Visa/Master Card (4% Fee Charges) . Your product will be sent to you after a waiting period of approximately 10 business days in order to clear the funds and process the order. If you need your product/item to be shipped t to you promptly, please, send us a cashier’s check or money order. Please include shipping fees with your final payment.

For larger Items, $45.00 for orders under $600.00, 30% deposit on Lay-a-way plan is non-refundable. Refunds of payments will be via in-store credit only. No cash refunds.



This in- store credit may be used at any time on another purchase from

American Arms

Tactical technologies Inc.


If you have any questions on your Tactical Technologies International Inc., please call us at the above listed number, Monday

Through Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm.


The undersigned hereby agrees to the terms of this layaway agreement.


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Description of Layaway Merchandise:







We will remove this merchandise from the sales floor.

[Or: We will not remove this merchandise from the sales floor,

but we will mark it "sold".]

[Or: The merchandise must be ordered. We will order your layaway item

when you have paid half of the purchase price.]


Payment Terms
Your payments of at least $ _____ are due on the _______ day of each month, for ___ months, beginning ______. Final payment is due by _____.
Sales Tax ______
Layaway Charge $______
Other Charges ______ (specify)
Total Price ______
Less Deposit ______
Balance Due ______

Shipping & handling


***Please read carefully:

Our Lay-a-way plans offers the convenience we offer both 30 and 60 day layaway plans. For a 30-day layaway, we require 30% down and the balance within 30 days. y Lay-a-way , we require 30% down and a subsequent payment of 30% after 30 days. The balance of 40%is then due at the end of 60 days. Payments must be made regularly, as scheduled, and must be received by us, on or before the day they are due. Once payment has been made in full, your Layaway item will be shipped to you within two business days. Layaway payments are non-refundable and no credit/refund will be issued upon failure to complete payments. If the layaway plan is canceled within the first 30 days, we retain the initial 30% deposit as a store credit for the customer. If the layaway is canceled after 30 days, we retain 60% as a store credit. Credits resulting from a canceled layaway may not be used for a new layaway deposit. For each layaway, a new deposit is required. The Lay-a-way period starts from the date that we receive this signed form with your 30% deposit. Please fill out this form and fax it (or email in PDF Format) in to start the layaway process. Once we receive your completed Layaway Contract, we will send a money request for the 30% down. We process your Layaway payments via Credit Card Visa/Master Card *(4% processing card Fee) , or direct bank transfer. We also accept money orders cashier’s check and personal checks for Layaway payments but your initial deposit must be through, or direct bank deposit. Please indicate your preferred method of payment below. By signing this form below, you are entering a legal, binding contract and you are agreeing to our Layaway Contract


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Layaway forms
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