Drulov Condor Du-10 Multy shot CO2 Target Air Pistol
Drulov Condor Du-10 Multy shot CO2 Target Air Pistol

Du-10 is a Semi-automatic pistol, designed for training and rapid-disciplines Olympic Sport Pistol at 10 meters.

Features a multi shot magazine CO2 a fully adjustable trigger, micrometric sights, a quick action trigger pull. Its excellent accuracy as well as the overall high quality of the finish provides a first rate potential for an outstanding performance. The great styling, accuracy and comfortable walnut grips make this a top notch repeater. Designed for competitive target shooting. The design of the pistol makes it possible to adjust its control according to individual needs of the user.

It's fun and easy to load. Just make sure you get plenty of pellets with this one. Comes with tools and case

The gun is stored in a hard case (included) with accessory + kit replacement seals, cylinders and valves.


Drulov DU-10 Condor Semi Auto CO2 Repeater Target Pistol

Weight: 1.0 kg / 2.31 Lb
Type: Self-loading gas pitol
Barrel length: 180 mm / 7.08"
Length overall: 300 mm / 11.81"
Sights spacing: 270 m / 10.62"
Width: 49.5 mm / 1.94"
Hight: 150 mm
Magazine: for 5 DIABOLO or No.11 shot
Gas consumption: 1 g per / approximately 100 shots
Calibre: 4.5 mm
Propelling gas: C02
Sights: Mechanical adjustment by micrometric screws
Barrel mouth velocity: 95-130 m. sec.
Has 11mm DOVETAIL Scope rail

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